Anal Fistula

Fistula in ano is an abnormal communication between the inside of anal canal and perianal skin. This can sometime be preceded by an abscess around the anus. Most fistula are spontaneous but ocassionally can be associated with Crohn's disease, TB or malignancy.


  • Skin irritation around the anus
  • Pain
  • Pus or blood stained discharge staining the pants


  • Clinical examination
  • MRI scan
  • Examination under anaesthetic


  • The aim of treatment is to achieve healing of the fistula tract with preservation of sphincter mechanism(control of bowel opening).
  • Treatment varies from laying open of the fistula tract to insertion of a small drain (Seton) . Some fistula are suitable or Fistula plug treatment.
  • Some fistulae are complex involving the sphincter muscles and can require multiple procedures.